Irish Ice Whiskey Stones

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Ex VAT: €20.33

Six unique blocks of Connemara Marble for cooling your favourite drink, the set comes a black cotton bag. Just pop the marble in the bag and into the freezer before use and they will soon be ready to cool that perfect glass of whiskey or gin. Irish Ice Whiskey Stones make a perfect substitute for Ice without diluting the spirit as ice would when it melts, meaning a perfect drinking experience from start to finish. Combine with some of our crystal tumblers below for the ultimate affordable luxury.

The Connemara Marble used in the Irish Ice Whiskey Stones is quarried from the ancient marble quarry owned by the Joyce family which is nestled among the ‘Twelve Bens’ in Connemara, Co. Galway. The marble is then handcrafted by Master Stonemason Eric Byrne of Hennessy and Byrne marbleworks and every set is supplied in its own presentation box. 

Connemara Marble is world renowned for its unique green colour, its distinctive swirling veins of sepia and grey and the added sparkle of crystalline mica. Geologists estimate that the formation of Connemara Marble dates back 750 million years.


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