Shamrock Goblet

Price: €90.00
Ex VAT: €73.17

Enjoy your favourite drink with these glasses from our Shamrock collection. Inspired by the Shamrock Bowl commissioned by the Irish government and presented to the US President, Donald J. Trump as part of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the White House. The design of the famous Shamrock Bowl was influenced by the artwork from the Book of Kells, one of Ireland’s greatest cultural treasures. Now you can share in this history with a piece from our Shamrock collection, handcrafted at our Waterford Gaeltacht studio and available across our range of glassware.


The principal design pattern is a series of deep intersecting trinity knots, an iconic symbol of Ireland. Polished shamrocks are hand cut into Irish Crystal giving this collection its name. Near the base interwoven Celtic lace cuts represent the strong ties between Ireland and the United States of America which are celebrated annually on St. Patrick’s Day in the White House.

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